What Is Barbosium Fitness Bootcamp?

Boxing Fitness Bootcamp Central ParkBarbosium Fitness in Schenectady, NY uses Bootcamp Group Training to achieve fat loss, increased energy, and a toned physique fast!  We’ll help you GET FITHAVE FUN and FEEL GREAT while igniting your metabolism and developing a better balanced body. The goal of our program is to get you RESULTS through cross training, tabata, strength and conditioning, large circuit and boxing training. Our emphasis is on functional movements using bodyweight, clubbbells, bulgarian bags, jump ropes, medicine balls, resistance bands, slosh pipes and so much more.

This program includes great coaching from certified personal trainers.  We also track your progress through personal measurements and fitness testing as well your own customized weblink which includes nutrition plans, bonus workouts, accountability, goal setting, and more.  You will be challenged mentally and physically and be encouraged by our great BFit community. We guarantee fat loss, improved strength and overall fitness, increased energy and more if you follow our program.  Call us at 518-720-7160 TODAY!