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Boot Camp

Schenectady Boot Camp Transformations

Jamille Before and After

“Before I joined the fitness bootcamp classes I thought pills would help me lose weight but they didn’t. I said to myself, I have to try something else that I would enjoy and benefit from. I heard about Barbosium Fitness through a friend and told him I wold try it because I really wanted to lose weight. Barbosium Fitness has completely changed my life in every kind of way. The workouts were challenging but so much fun. After every workout I feel better about myself. The awesome people and community at Barbosium Fitness are my motivation. People are always commenting that I look better each day which keeps me coming back every week! I lost 5 inches off my waist in the first 6 Weeks – Jamille

Diane Before and After

“I’ve always been my biggest obstacle saying I’m too busy or that health doesn’t really matter that much. Juan at Barbosium Fitness in Schenectady helped me to get rid of those excuses, create a clear and doable fitness and nutrition plan, and help me accountable through it. His exercise programs are challenging, motivating, and give RESULTS! I lost 16 lbs in my first 6 Weeks. Since then I’ve continually seen changes in my weight, body shape, strength, energy level, and overall well-being. Juan is extremely knowledgable about both fitness and nutrition and is an encouraging and motivating coach who will push you to your goals.”

Carrie Before and After

“Since I started with Barbosium Fitness, I’ve been told that the “weight was melting off of me”. People noticed I had lost weight and looked toned. Hitting a plateau was an obstacle but Juan helped me dial in my nutrition and get back on track to hitting my goals. Thank you!! 🙂 I feel a sense of accomplishment and have gained confidence as well.”

Deb Before and After

“Barbosium Fitness has made a HUGE DIFFERENCE in my life. I’ve actually become a morning person which is crazy! I’m the strongest I’ve ever been in my entire life and feel like I receive personal attention, even though we’re training as a group. For anyone thinking about joining I would say “DO IT!” and you won’t regret it.”